If I had to choose three words to describe Abra I would choose: outgoing, empathetic & go getter. Her superpower is being her authentic self. She should spend her life being an event planner, life coach, and entrepreneur as her eagerness to celebrate is so unique. I feel supported every day knowing I can call on Abra. It's the ultimate support. She helped me kickstart my blog, listened to me vent, and let me be me.

- Lindy Hale


I worked alongside Abra for two years. She is real, joyful, and a true friend. She is able to read people and always has a great grasp on how people are feeling about something or how they are in general. She trusts her gut and goes with it and that is something so powerful it makes her unstoppable. Abra keeps it honest and lets her followers know that nothing is perfect and celebrate the imperfections. She is one of the few people I can trust.

- Emily Gamauf


Abra is passionate, relatable and badass. She is also compassionate and offers empathy and advice as a result. She also has perspective - an awareness of strengths and challenges and has an ability to use the strengths to overcome the challenges. She's best at advising or coaching - teaching others on an individual basis how to identify their goals and prioritize what's important to them.

- Lizzy Stotter


Abra is amazing at creating something from nothing. She can take an event, box of items, or an idea and run with it. She can plan a gathering, turn the boring into festive, & create brands and experiences. Abra seeks to create things of beauty, and hope - things that inspire.

- Meredith Bowen